This 記事 was made によって Yuzuri, Not me

So, here’s an 記事 on where アニメ has gone wrong.

First and foremost, seductively designed female characters and erotic situations feature a prominent role in too many shows. A drawing can only be so alluring; so, why try to draw in audiences with this when one could perfect their craft in characterization, plot twists, novel settings, and beautiful または unique animation? While male audiences are easily ensnared によって this, one can’t help think that it depresses the animators that this is the of their talent, and even the ファン who enjoy this will eventually relegate such shows into oblivion.

Then, excessive ファン service even finds itself in shows which succeed on the merit of character and plot. A 表示する named Freezing exemplifies this best. Freezing‘s an awesome show. Its plot has the audience riveted, the characters are extraordinarily likeable, the fights and アニメーション are superb, and the viewer has to force himself not to watch the entire 12-episode 表示する in a sitting. But it has one major drawback: it has the ファン service of Battle Vixens. Reviews of this 表示する seem to fall in two camps: those who can tolerate all the ファン service 愛 the show, and those who can’t hate it. If only the creator had decided to imitate the modesty of the characters of shows like Rurouni Kenshin または Trigun. If he had done that instead of climbing on the ecchi bandwagon, this 表示する could easily have rose to be an international success. Instead it will remain in the realms of obscurity. Even your humble writer has decided he will never watch the 表示する again–too much temptation.

Then, we have one setting that’s incredibly overused: the high school. I know that high school students are among the biggest consumers of anime, and shows which allow them to identify with a character who’s around the same age do well; however, this cliche setting has begun to irritate me. Where’s the creativity? あなた can use high school age characters in just about any story あなた like. So, why not write about fantastical worlds, take us to different epochs of history, または into the unexplored realms of science fiction? Why do I have to hear another conversation about whether to 登録する this club または that club? The アニメ industry needs to either do away with the high school setting または minimize its presence. At least, those backgrounds of school buildings and classrooms must be beginning to wear out after being used in one thousand shows. Why not give them a rest?

But the above paragraph highlights another problem, which is not easy to perceive: writers are all drawing from modern anime. What’s the problem with that, あなた ask? Walk into the ファンタジー section of your local bookstore, and you’ll see the problem. Drawing only from modern sources–of which 80% tend toward mediocrity, 15% toward decency, and only 5% at most toward greatness–produces mediocre stories lacking in originality. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings made it’s way to become one of the 上, ページのトップへ five best selling 本 of all time particularly because Tolkien drew from original medieval works. He drew from the works which withstood the test of time rather than the forgettable novels being written in his day. Works like this are もっと見る fruitful for inciting the imagination, and, in a world where people are only familiar with what came out five years ago, provide writers with the right material to stand out in the market.

For example, the most unique マンガ being written right now is Vinland Saga, in which just about all our characters are Vikings. Can あなた name me another マンガ which includes Vikings? I don’t think so. Then, the writer also tries to illustrate the period as accurately as possible, shows the conflict between the Pagan Vikings and Christian Europeans which existed at that point, educates the reader about the historical personages, tries to get into the mindset of the people at this time, and at the same time keeps the マンガ style and flavor in the story. (I can’t really describe this amorphous trait. But, あなた would recognize it if あなた read it.) The most interesting thing about that conflict between Christians and Pagans if that 日本 had a similar conflict during the Sengoku period, so it even コメント on Japan’s history in a way. Who wouldn’t prefer to have a story like this over something like 11 Eyes?

I’d have to say those are the greatest problems with Japanese アニメ today: too much emphasis on titillating the audience, too many high school shows, and too many people drawing from the same sources.