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posted by PeckOnAJ
Fman122 smiles and goes to his den. His inventory was full of black spike collars. He was proud.

He went to Jamaa Township to shout, "Spike giveaway my den!" but something caught his eye. It was a dark black 狼, オオカミ with no eyes, shouting TRUST MY DEN! The 狼, オオカミ looked kinda odd but he didn't mind. He was scared of getting scammed because he was very kind to jammers and EVERY jammer was his friend.

He went to his den, his デン was empty. The eyeless 狼, オオカミ shook his paw and a few other jammers paws. The eyeless 狼, オオカミ put a ネックレス on trade and shouted... TRADE ME!!

Fman122 put all of his spikes on trade. Then to his shock... The eyeless 狼, オオカミ accepted and laughed while unlocking the jammers out of his den. The jammers were sad but Fman122 was もっと見る sad.. he ロスト his spike collars? "These were the only things that makes ME... me!" Fman122 growls. He growls. He turns black with red flames. He was now known as a famous hacker.. Fman122.
Mythical looked at her body. She noticed she was hovering. "What in the Jamaa is going on?!" She 発言しました freaked out. She looked at the 狼, オオカミ that killed her. He was pretending to do nothing. Myth was furious.

"Hey come back here!" Her voice was nowhere to be heard," She teleported somewhere, somewhere dark. "Where am I?" Myth said. "Your in the Dark servers... the place where forgotten jammers go," A 狐, フォックス 発言しました with no eyes. "Wait no!!" She 発言しました as the exit closed up. She was stuck there forever.

The End,
posted by PlushiesAJ
Bob was the ロスト Jammers little brother. He loved ベーコン and whenever he touched somebody they turned into him. So the ロスト Jammer told him to only wear gloves.

It was one stormy night. Bob went out to get a drink and noticed ロスト wasn't in his bed. He gasped. "Y U MISSING?" he screeched. He looked everywhere for him and he even looked in the shops.

He was so mad he threw the グローブ at a wolf. He growled "Do あなた even know how I am?" 発言しました the wolf. "I've been in - " the 狼, オオカミ stopped. Bob has touched him with his magical paw. The 狼, オオカミ turned derpier and もっと見る bobier than ever. link

Another jammer walked up and 発言しました hi to the two Bob's! The 狼, オオカミ shaked her hand. She turned into a Bob too. They touched everybody until everybody was a Bob. AJHQ was furious! They banned the Bob accounts for Jamaa.

Animal ジャム isn't filled with bobs from this day. Happy jamming!
posted by PlushiesAJ
Snowball got dressed in her winter gear and packed her stuff because today was a big day! It was her birthday and she couldn't wait to go to the big trip to Mt.Shiveer.

She walked to Mt.Shiveer. When she got there it was cold and she spotted a place to stay. She went inside. It was warm and cosy. She drank some hot ココア and rested. "Today was a big day, she said. "I wonder what fun we'll do tomorrow," she added.

She woke up and looked through the window. Snow was falling down. She put on her scarf and went outside. She saw lots of jammers jumping on the ice. "Arctic foxes only!" They shouted. It almosted was cracked. They were so excited!!

Snowball thought to herself. well they are pretty close to breaking the ice and she really wanted to see if the myth was true. So she joined them. The ice broke and all of the jammers fell into the deep snow. The ice replaced in front of our eyes
Mythical was an arctic 狼, オオカミ who wore a blue feathered mask, a blue scarf, tail armor and a blue worn.

She walked past a デン and the lights were on. That's odd? How can somebody be up this late in Jamaa? "Oh I've got a jam-a-gram," Myth chatted. She clicked on the letter and read it. "Hey i'm new in this game can あなた help me?" The 狼, オオカミ looked through the window to see Myth. He smiled as if he really wanted her to help him.

She sighed and walked away into her den. He felt mad. "HEY COME BACK HERE あなた CAN'T RESIST MY HANDSOMENESS!" the 狼, オオカミ screamed out loud. Myth ignored him and continued decorating...
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posted by PeckOnAJ
Snowflake looked at the window. It was snowing outside. She put on her winter gear and scarf. She opened the wooden door with her paw. She thought to herself I don't want to be out too long I might catch a cold.

She walked through the cold and hard snow. Her paw prints following behind her. She ran so far away from her ホーム she couldn't see the way back. She built a snowman and did a few snow angels.

Then she sat there and thought for a minute. Why do I feel lonely? I 愛 the snow.. I haven't thought this way before. She looked back and noticed that the snow was covering her paw prints.

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