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After School Hours:

Tressa, Emma, Marlene and Lexii drove to Tressa’s House after School.
They continued Practicing in the Backyard of her House, like the 前 day.
“So, today we’ll start teaching あなた some Stunts!” Marlene said, walking into an emptier Field in the Backyard, preparing to 表示する off some Stunts.
“Yeah, yesterday we showed あなた the Cheers and Pom-pom Motions, but now it’s time for the Stunts - the ones the Cheerleaders will be Impressed to see!” Emma added, sitting down on a Chair.
Marlene and Lexii looked at Tressa.
“Let’s try the Back Flips and Front Flips!”...
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At School:

The 次 日 at School, Tressa waddled to down the School Hall.
Suddenly, a Goth ペンギン stopped by.
“Hey there! The latest issue of ‘MacKenzie Daily’ is Hot off the Presses! あなた might be interested to read the アンケート on Page 3, Tressa!” She said, holding out the School’s Newspaper in her Flippers.
“Wha-? How do あなた know my name?” Tressa asked, her eyes getting wider.
“I’m a Reporter! It’s my Job to know EVERYTHING at this School!” The Goth said, making it sound Obvious, “Now check out the Poll!” She said, handing Tressa the Newspaper and waddling away.
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After School Hours:

After School, Marlene, Lexii, Tressa and Emma waddled out of the School Building Together, getting inside Marlene’s Car.
Lexii sat on the Front seat, 次 to Marlene, while Tressa and Emma sat on the Back Seat.
The Girls fastened their シート, 座席 Belts.
Marlene started the Car and drove it.
“Can I ask あなた guys something?” Tressa requested.
“What is it?” Lexii asked, turning back to see Tressa.
“I need your help to help me Win at the Final Tryouts on Friday and beat Kaitlyn! Please... can あなた teach me some New Moves and Tricks?” Tressa begged.
“Sure, we will! But only...
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Amber stood in the Center of the Gym. Clearly, she was about to make an Announcement.
“Now… As あなた all may know, our Good Friend Lilly, our other Cheerleader, injured her Left Leg and Flippers during Last Year’s Cheer for the Football Game! And that means we need a Replacement… which is where あなた all come in. It’s time to 表示する your Moves Girls!” Amber then paused for a moment, “Whoever we like best becomes the Newest Member of the Cheerleading Team!” She added.
Next, Amber examined the entire Candidates’ Faces one によって one (They were Penguins, of course, except for 2 of them),...
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At School:

The 次 Morning, Tressa waddled nervously down the School Hall. Marlene, Emma and Lexii were there to 登録する her.
“Hey girl! Feeling Fierce?” Marlene asked, walking with Tressa.
“Yeah, totally!” Tressa lied, forcing a smile on her face.
“You at can meet our Other フレンズ at the Gym today. I heard that they were planning for the Tryouts!”
“The Tryouts? Makes it even easier!” Tressa added.
A few 分 later, the School ベル rang…
The Hallways quickly cleared, and the Girls headed for their Classes.

In the Gym:

Later, in the Gym, Amber, the Cheer...
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