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At Amber’s House:

Meanwhile, in Amber’s Bedroom, the Girls were still having their ‘Pillow Fight’. But now, it was rather in a Special way… によって Bandit.
Bandit opened the Bandanna from her Neck and Tied Tressa and Kaitlyn up together on the Floor.
“Come on, Girls!” Bandit said, doing a Stand-Up Split, “Let’s start!”
“Aw, man! あなた seriously think あなた can include Cheerleading Moves in ‘Pillow Fights’?” Tressa asked, trying to wiggle out of the Bandanna that tied her up with Kaitlyn.
“Yeah?” Kaitlyn asked.
All the other Girls giggled.
“Well, I invented this style, hon!”...
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At Amber’s House:

Meanwhile, the Girls were giving each other Makeovers.
“Hey, guys! How do I look?” Kaitlyn asked after puffing her Face with Powder.
“Hot!” Sharpey replied, raising her Flippers.
Sharpey, then, pulled her Hair Band and lets her Hair loose. Her ピンク Highlights seemed Glossier.
“Whoa! You’re hair’s-” Bandit began.
“Amber and I went to the ペンギン Beauty Salon this Morning…” Sharpey stated, looking at herself in the Mirror.
“Yeah! And we polished our Beaks, too!” Amber added, putting her Flipper on her Beak.
Sharpey then rushed out of the Room into the Kitchen...
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In the Football Field:

Finally, the time for the Tryouts arrived. Amber, Sharpey, Marlene, Lexii, Emma, Bandit, CC, Catherina and Kiva were already in the School’s Football Field, waiting for Kaitlyn and Tressa to arrive.
The Sun was setting and the Daylight was slowly beginning to fade away.
“How long are they gonna take?” CC 発言しました impatiently.
Just then, Marlene spotted Jhordan coming to the Football Field to take his ジャケット from the Bleachers. He, then, waddled away, taking his ジャケット with him.
“Uh… Hello? Marlene?” Sharpey called out, interrupting Marlene from her Daydream.
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Mr. Blowhole looked sternly at Tressa, “So... 質問 1! What is Anemia a Disorder of?” His Shrill Voice getting louder.
Tressa gulped, “Blood!”
“Correct!” He said, “Question 2! How many Stomachs does a Cow have?”
“4!” Tressa answered, closing her eyes.
“Correct!! Now the Final Question! Which creature is commonly associated with Malaria?” Mr. Blowhole asked, fixing the lens of his Robotic Eye.
Tressa took a Deep Breath, “Uh… Mosquitoes!”
Mr. Blowhole looked at her, “Well, you’ve answered everything correctly, young Lady! あなた get an ‘A’ on your First Quiz! Well...
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Week 1:

First 日 of School:

It was Monday Morning, and the First 日 of School at MacKenzie High. All Students - The Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors, were arriving at the School after coming back from Summer Vacation. The Buses were beginning to 表示する up as the Students got off their Buses. The Cars were being parked at the Parking Lot. Some even came to School によって Foot.
The New Girl, Tressa, took a Deep Breath upon arriving at the School. She couldn’t tell whether she was Nervous または Excited.
"This is it! MacKenzie High, here I come!”
Tressa continued waddling nervously through the...
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In the Counselor’s Office:

Tressa slowly waddled into Counselor’s Office.
“Um… Excuse me, Ms. Byrd?” She asked softly.
Ms. Byrd, who was on her Desk, looked up at her.
“Well, hello there! あなた must be the New Student I saw helping out the Nerdy Kid in the Hallway!” The Counselor Cooed, getting up from her chair, and walking up to greet Tressa.
“You saw that Guy getting beaten up and あなた didn’t do anything to help?” Tressa asked, feeling slightly angry.
Ms. Byrd explained, “As a Counselor, I know I can’t solve all your Problems for you! あなた see, if あなた give someone a Fish,...
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At Tressa’s House:

Later, that Night, at Tressa’s House, she was in her Bedroom, 読書 the Latest Issue of her Favourite ‘Seventeen’ Magazine. She was really excited about becoming a Cheerleader, but that wasn’t easy. She had her フレンズ Marlene, Emma and Lexii, who wanted her to 登録する them. The only thing she didn’t have was her 'Confidence’. She was desperate to get some Tips from her Favourite Magazine.
Of course, she was getting even もっと見る Nervous and Worried.
She was turning the Pages, 読書 the Topic ‘How to be a Cool Cheerleader!’. It said,

1) Make your Uniform matching:...
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Tressa waddled to catch up with Marlene, Lexii and Emma, who were at their Lockers.
“Okay, so… Spill!” Marlene asked Tressa excitedly.
“Spill what?” Tressa gave them a confused look.
“Don’t give us that look, Tress!” Lexii 発言しました with a sarcastic smile, “We know あなた were blushing back there, Girl!”
Tressa felt her Cheeks turning bright red… again.
“Ohmygosh! あなた totally have a Crush on that Guy, don’t you?” Emma blurted out.
“What? Kowalski? No, I don’t!” Tressa protested, “Why would あなた think that?”
“We saw あなた helping him up. あなた even picked up his Books! You...
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At School:

The 次 日 at School, Tressa waddled down the Hallway and passed によって a Row of Lockers. She wasn't carrying her 本 like she usually did. Being a Cheerleader, she had to keep her ‘Popular’ image, not look like some kind of Nerd. Most of the Kids greeted her as she waddled to her Locker and opened the Locker Door.
She realized that some of her Homeworks were piled up inside her Locker. Of course, she is a Straight ‘A’ Student, but those Extra-curricular Activities… または the Cheer Practices distracted her from her Studies.
‘I really gotta keep up with my Studies too, または else…’...
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After School Hours:

As soon as the Last Class was over, Sharpey rushed to Lexii’s Side.
“Hey, Shar!” Lexii greeted as she saw Sharpey running to catch up with her.
“Lexii, I need to ask あなた something!” Sharpey panted.
“Sure! What is it?” Lexii asked.
“Did you… ask Amber to help あなた with your History Homework this Morning?” Sharpey questioned curiously.
“Uh… no! I already finished it on my own!” Lexii was confused, “Why do あなた ask?”
“But… didn’t あなた give her a Reminder Note, telling her not to forget to do it for you?” Sharpey asked, looking puzzled.
“No, I didn’t…”...
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In the Girls’ Locker Room:

Amber waddled to her Locker, followed によって Sharpey and Marlene, who were busy gossiping among themselves.
Just as soon as she opened her ゴールド Trademark Locker Door, a Light Purple Piece of folded Paper fluttered to the Ground. It landed on her feet.
Amber leaned down to pick up the Paper.
She was used to things falling out of her Locker whenever she pulled up the latch after removing the Lock, but she wasn’t used to seeing any Coloured Paper… and not just any Coloured Paper. It seemed もっと見る like a Note.
The Paper was neatly folded into Fourths. The Edges met one another...
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At History Class:

Amber, Marlene and Sharpey waited in their English Class for Miss Hannah to arrive. They were the Three Cheerleaders who had their English Class together.
Amber sat on the 3rd シート, 座席 in the Middle Row. Sharpey was 次 to her right and Marlene was one シート, 座席 behind Sharpey.
The Door opened and Miss Hannah waddled in as everyone stood up.
“Good morning, now please have a seat!” She 発言しました politely.
The Students sat down on their Assigned Seats.
“Alright class! Let’s get on with the Lesson, shall we?” Miss Hannah said, 書く ‘Of Mice and Men’ on the board.
Amber groaned....
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“Fancy running into you, Goldilocks!” Ivory sneered.
“You think you’re so clever, but you’re not!” Amber said, enraged.
“What’s the matter? Can’t take the heat, Goldilocks?” Ivory raised her eyebrows, “It was only a prank gone wild, for crying out loud!”
The Crowd stood there, shocked. Nobody has ever dared to turn Amber down. She was their クイーン Bee.
Amber glared at Ivory. Clearly, she was fuming in anger.
“Can't あなた give it a rest, Tooth Fairy? あなた mess with one of my Friends, あなた mess with the whole Squad, あなた hear?!” Amber scowled.
“Well, she so totally deserved...
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Amber was getting really annoyed. How could this Guy even talk about his Crush to some other Girl… unless…

CarlosDeAmico: I’m talking to her right now… ;)

Amber stared at the Screen of her Laptop, surprised, ‘That’s a relief! Wait, no! What am I thinking?’

AmberLuv: :)

Amber had no idea why she even put a Smiley Face. She felt like her Flippers were typing on their own.
‘Traitor, my Heart! Traitor!’ She thought to herself angrily, too stubborn to accept the fact that she’s falling for him.

CarlosDeAmico: Did あなた really think I’d say it was someone else? :P
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