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As the zombies slowly went towards them Hutch:"Hurry out the door" everybody got out Kate:"Where do we go?" Austin:"This way I know my way around this area" as they hurried and followed Austin the zombies somehow got faster and caught up to them Hutch:" Holy shit they are right on our tail" Winston:"I've got an Idea we will スプリット, 分割 Hutch,Kate,Austin,and Garth あなた go to the left and the rest will follow me don't go too far" as Winston's group was running Mooch was too slow and the zombies grabbed his lag and made him trip Mooch:"AHHHHHH HELP" Salty:"Guys Mooch is in trouble" Winston:"Dammit, hurry...
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*Note I do not own this film I am just got creative with a friend* PS:this story takes place 1 年 after the pups were born I play as Drew, TheHumphrey plays as Pip, and TuresexyLilly plays as Lillian.

It was an early morning around 1:36 am I woke up to my mom and dad waking up. They were starting to walk to the front of the デン when Lilly came in and 発言しました "Good morning Kate and Humphrey how is Pip, and Drew?" she said. Kate 発言しました quitetly "There good" *glancing back at me and Pip*. I Slowly got up with out none of the adults noticing and I woke Pip up "wake up Pip I am gonna go to garth house...
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Snow C-2
an Alpha & Omega story

Disclaimer: This chapter contains scenes of violence, blood and upsetting scenes.
Read at your own decision!

Chapter 2: On a 日付 with fate

(The 次 morning)
(Snow's POV)

I awoke from my late night sleep and stretched my legs and started walking to the mouth of the den. It was a beautiful 日 but it wasn't very warm, despite that the sun was out and thats all i wanted to see. So today is the big 日 where I have to make the journey to the central pack and see if I'm going to get a warm welcome または make a journey that's going to end in me getting killed as soon as...
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Snow C-1
an Alpha & Omega story

Disclaimer: I do not own Alpha and Omega all rights go to LIONSGATE & Crest アニメーション Studios, The characters portrayed in this story are under my creativity.

Chapter 1: Lone Wolf.

(Snow's POV)

It was a beautiful 日 in Jasper National Park the sun was out and the radiance of the green 草 was most soft and tender. The nice cool gentle breeze flowing through my 毛皮 which made my white コート sway from side-to-side. The storms had been brutal the past 2 days but no matter what the weather, nothing was going to ruin this perfect day.

I was playing outside with...
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warning: strong language and ランダム violence, dont try this at ホーム kids.

garth is in the airplane, and steel is in another room. garth was whistling and watching his お気に入り movie. called "Alpha and omega 2" then steel came によって and spilt coffie on garths dick によって accident. "AHHHH あなた FUCKING... AHHH!!!" garth yelled. "well sorry it isnt my fault your right there!" steele said. then garth got all pissed off and splashed coffie in steeles face. "YOU SON OF BITCH!!!" steele then punched garth in the face and garth kicked him in the face. then steele draged him and hitting his face on the floor....
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posted by Omega90
 Chief Petty Officer John-117
Chief Petty Officer John-117
"3...2...1...DRO-"was the last thing I heard before waking up in the ground."Trin,got a lock on my position and relay it to the others."I ordered my suit's internal AI,they were smart,but lacked emotion and humanity,I had only seen 1 smart AI in my life and that's it.Hopefully I live long enough to see the 日 when all SPARTANS have one."Chief!Chief!Were are you!?"a familiar voice cried out,I was half buried in the ground from impact,but surround indicators and all other systems were functioning."His signal is coming from over there,and what d'ya know,he's six feet under.Let's just hope it...
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Brandt’s POV

Another day, this one felt better. Somehow. I yawned as I got up and stretched, looking down at Kia. She was still sleeping but she looked so beautiful. I stalked out and stood to feel the sun’s first rays then shook my pelt. I walked out and patrolled my territory before putting up scent markers then going to see how much of the meat there was left.

When I got back there was plenty left so I began to eat. It was about this time that Kia woke up and came over to me and ate as well. We just sat there in silence before she finally asked “What’s wrong?” Now, it was a normal...
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posted by lonehumphrey
こんにちは furry freinds please コメント and ファン me but other wise enjoy peoples ;)- によって the way I might call Nathan nate for short

When Humphrey, Kate and Nathan exited Winston and eves デン nates ハート, 心 dropped. almost every alpha and beta 狼, オオカミ came running to Nathan for a ( taste) " everyone stop now "! Eve yelled. Everyone immediately stopped, " Nathan the human she added sighly will be staying here for a while so whoever wants him will deal with me, so anytakers". Eve said.
They all went to there places. " but Nathan has to say something " , " wait what did she say. " well Nathan ". Eve added. " uh...
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I was bored so i did this.....

Name: Victoria Rose 狼, オオカミ
Sex: Female
Family: Scarlet( Mother) , Claw ( Dad ) , Sarah ( Sister) and Chirs ( brother ).
Looks: Black 毛皮 , long black mane , red eyes and white/grey belly.
AorO?: Alpha
Intrestes: Hunting , log sliding , impressisons , family and sex.
Speical feautures: Tatto on left arm , red butterfiels
Parnter Intrestes: Bisexual.
Mate: Dark. (Dark Alpha )
Sexual Parnters: Alpha ( Alphaboys) , Alex (alexlonewolf) and Chirs ...my brother.

Thats it really!I was bored so i did this.....I was bored so i did this.....

Name: Victoria Rose 狼, オオカミ
Sex: Female
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posted by metalwolf116


verse 1:
these are things that will blow her mind
some things that if あなた push hard, あなた wont ever find
leaving shimmering lights in her eyes
the makes あなた die



verse 2:
see this, it will go inside
her gash to see what resides
ill go in the other way
nothing to say




verse 3:
see these bonds they hold her down
turns my emotion form smile to frown
the whip that leaves a striking mark
all in the dark


posted by MarvelousAlpha
A/N: Please R&C.

"We're your parents, Humphrey." Rose and Jack stood together, smiling at Humphrey. Everyone's jaws dropped from surprise. There was a moment of silence.

"Are あなた serious?" Humphrey asked.

"Why would we lie about something like that?"

"I don't think you're lying. It's just..." tears started to come out of Humphrey's eyes. Tears of joy. He took a step forward, "I haven't seen あなた since I was a pup."

"It's about time I met your parents..." Kate smiled. Humphrey lowered his head. He knew he was going to get embarrassed any 分 now.

"And, あなた are?" Rose asked, looking at her.

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posted by lonehumphrey
Gender male

毛皮 color black silver white.

Eye color blue

Skin color white

Sexuality straight

Anthro form ..................................................

Skin color white

Eyes blue

Tail color black and silver

I play trumpet ギター ピアノ and drums career

クラブ instro comedy etc

Live in Canada jasper park with my mate kaitlyn not Kate

モットー the prittiest eyes shed the most tears the hottest person felt the most anger the person with the kindest hart felt the most pain when I die Ill come back not as a human または 狼, オオカミ but as the world I changed
“Life with Wolves” Chapter 2: School Troubles 1/2

Mack’s (me) P.O.V

10 分 later…

After licensing to two もっと見る songs (not going to say what they are cause I can’t think of any) I arrived at the school, when I got off my bike to lock it to the bike rack I saw my 5 Best フレンズ Mike, James, Keith, John, and Nick standing によって the door to the school passing a ball to each other.

Now guest I’m going have to tell あなた guys what their like well I’ll go one によって one I guest. (So no one asks yes we like to wear black, white and grey) oh and we all know how to the play piano.

Mike is the brown...
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posted by Xero_Pyramid206
This plot is similar to Silent 丘, ヒル 2. Its been 2 years since Humphrey died of disease, leaving Kate in a vortex of depression and dispair. However, One 日 Kate received a letter from him. It told her to come to their special place in Silent Hill.

Kate took a deep breath as she stepped out of her car and faced the fog-shrouded path before her.

I cant believe im actually doing this.... Humphrey CANT be alive because he is DEAD! And what did he mean によって "Our Special Place?" We did so many things here. This is gonna be tough.

All these thoughts were racing through Kate's mind as she began walking...
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Kate & Humphrey Adventures.
Fall of 2011 Chapter 8. Part 1 of 4. “Season finale!”

Note: Read the Promo for they very first part of the season finale!

    "By baby." Humphrey sighed as Kate disappeared in the fog. She left Humphrey in-charge of the guard alphas. He was assigned to make sure they are always focused and awake. Hutch was the only one in charge of the two fighting groups. Since Kate had to leave so quickly, she had no time to assign another alpha as team 2's leader. A half 時 later, Kate and her team made it through the northern オオカミ territory. They...
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posted by JennyWolve
All I remember was me playingwith my twin Lilly and my other sister Kate in the デン while Mom (eve) went out to go pee. Winston was out hunting so we were all alone. We started playng Hide and go seek. I ran away to hide. I climbed up a 木, ツリー in the distance, and then I waited quitly.Then I heard pawsteps. "pst! Lilly is that you?" I leaned over to check. then suddenly "agh!!!" I fell. I dizzely looked upfrom the ground and found a human. he had a camera, and a ベレー, ベレー帽 and black sunglasses. he was towering over me and then he picked me up and carried me over his shoulder. "agh! help! Lilly! Kate! Mom! Dad!" BAMM!!! he nocked me uncoshis....

-to be continued...
The tale of Shadow the lone wolf:

a jet black 狼, オオカミ with red eyes named shadow decided to go out for a walk in the middle of the winter he wasnt もっと見る then a 年 old and he saw a grey rabbit
running によって so he decided to go after it so he got down close the the ground as quietly as he could and started to 移動する towards the grey rabbit and as soon as
he got close enough he pounced at it and cought it

"wow that was pretty easy" shadow thought as he chuckled alittle and started to eat the rabbit

after just a few 分 he was full and continued on his walk again but he saw something in the distance that...
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It was an ordinary 日 in Jasper Park Canada when a meteor シャワー began!

1 時 BEFORE the meteor shower
Hey guys あなた want to go log sledding?
Yeah in for it Humphrey
Ok Let’s find a suitable log to sled down the hill
15 分 later
GIVE us some wind salty
OH yeah
Wait slow it down a bit
How am I supposed to do that?
Well simply just come sit down again.
Oh ok *bam as they crash into a rock*
See why あなた should have sat down says Humphrey when he gets 狼, オオカミ piled. * muffled voice *
Get off me NOW PLEASE!
Oh sorry was just a ランダム 狼, オオカミ pile.
5 分 before the meteor shower
*Humphrey looks up at the sky*...
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Kate & Humphrey Adventures.
Fall of 2011 Chapter 6.
Part 2 of 2. “Where is Lilly?”

Warning: The following content contains semi sexual, minor swearing, and bloody scenes. Part 2 contains some parts of rape, which goes into a bit of detail.

    The pack raced to the border to find 3 オオカミ sitting there protecting their land. Hutch and Garth easily plowed through them leaving them too wounded to move. The pack reached another place where オオカミ were. Instead of 3, there were 72. Kate knew she only had 61, so she tried to reason with them and have them give Lilly back....
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posted by TheChriZ1995
A/N: Wow two chapters a 日 so far, あなた may of have found the last chapter to be sad so here's one もっと見る on the happy side.

April 7th 2009

Humphrey's Age: 11 months

Humphrey's POV

I woke up and found myself under a dead tree, at first I was confused as of how I got there but then it came back to me along with the sadness. I started to tear up once again.

"Come on Humphrey, be strong" I 発言しました comforting myself

I got up and crawled out from under the tree, it was still dark out but I could see the light from the sun starting to appear over the distant mountains. I was...
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