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They then continued their southward movement, doing away with some Stonic couriers along the way. Then, when they were within feet of the Mexican border, Luetsun went over to a lone patch of dust and began rolling in it. When he was covered, from his muzzle to the tip of his tail, he looked at Rufus, as if expecting him to 登録する him. Rufus, apparently knowing his expectation, then shrunk to the size of a coyote, and tanned, one of the abilities of a demon.
Luetsun sighed and they crossed the border. They walked for days through the vast expanse of desert. Then, when they arrived at the coyote capitol, they dug a small デン and held a meeting
between the two of them. Luetsun asked, “ so, what’ll we do about roles?”
Rufus answered, “ how about just two friends?”

Luetsun responded, “ good enough for me.”
They then went outside and one of the coyotes, apparently noticing that Luetsun was crouching, ran up to them and drew an ARROW/アロー formation in the dust. Luetsun, knowing that this was the way Annakian spies identified themselves, drew a line through the middle of the arrow, making in into Annakkuu’s first initial. The spy then hastily brushed away the symbol and motioned for them to follow him. They made their way to the spy’s デン and he said, “ good to see other spies around here…”
Before he could continue, Luetsun said, “ about that… I’m actually the high alphas son.”
The spy, taken back, asked, “ wh… what are あなた doing here?”
Luetsun answered, “ my father sent me on a mission to flush out any spies I find and break all contact between Stone Mountain and Mexico.”
The spy then snickered and said, “ do they really think they can just waltz in here, go up to the high alpha of Mexico and say, ‘ hey, lets 登録する sides’ and just like that, they’re allies?”

Luetsun responded, “ I know that seems far fetched, but think about it. They’re both our enemies. There is a small chance…”
The spy then looked behind him and said, “ あなた know what, あなた may be right.”
Then, Rufus butted in and said, “ not to get off topic または spoil the suspense but, Luetsun, you’re not going to make it far with that kind of disguise.”
Luetsun responded, “ well then, what do あなた suggest we do? This is the lowest I can crouch without hindering mobility.”
Rufus responded, “ well, I’ll need either a fresh coyote corpse または skin.”
Luetsun, wondering why Rufus would need a dead coyote, made his way for the colony’s burial grounds. Ignoring the odor, he began inspecting the bodies for decay. Only one didn’t have flies on it または was rotten too bad. He picked up the body and, cautiously, made his way for the spies den. He dropped it at Rufus’ feet and he began removing anything that already began decaying. After clearing out the body, he turned to Luetsun and said, “ are あなた ready to leave your body and possess another?”
Luetsun, wondering what he meant, said, “ I guess.”
Rufus then inhaled in and Luetsun felt his presence leave his body. Rufus then said, sounding like he was trying to hold in some water, “ smoke his body, it’ll keep it from decaying” and ‘provided’ some flint. The spy hesitated to touch it and Rufus said, “ don’t worry, its just flint.”
The spy then set up a smoking rack, started a 火災, 火 under it and laid Luetsun’s body on it. Luetsun watched in amazement and Rufus told the spy to smoke the other body. The spy did, and Rufus turned toward it and exhaled. They then crowded around him, hoping that he survived the ordeal, Annakkuu forbid that he didn’t. Luetsun woke up feeling like he was not himself. Rufus asked, “ how do あなた feel?”
Luetsun answered, “ I don’t know, like I’ve been sent through oblivion.”
He looked around and noticed his body was still on the smoke rack. He got up, went out, found a puddle and looked in it. What he saw in the reflection was not a dusty, long-haired, crouching wolf, but a convincing coyote. He returned to the デン and Rufus asked, “so, what do あなた think?”
Luetsun answered,” as long as it fools them coyotes, its fine.”
Rufus then said, “ alright then, now, spy, what is your name?”
The spy answered, “ Tetkhu.”
Rufus responded, “ alright then Tetkhu, may we use your デン as a base?”
Tetkhu answered, “ I don’t see why not.”
Rufus then turned toward Luetsun and said, “ now, you’ll need an identification, the code is one thing but visual identification is another. How may we see あなた from afar?”
Luetsun thought and asked, “ what do my eyes look like?”
Rufus studied his eyes and said, “ によって Annakkuu, the pupils are red and the irises are nonexistent.”
Luetsun responded, “ then that will be our visual identification.”
They then saluted, Luetsun gave the ‘at ease’, and they parted. They went one whole week with no word, save for the idle gossip of the coyotes. At the end of the week, Tetkhu found Luetsun and said, “ I believe you’ll need to know the language of the coyotes.”
Luetsun responded, “ yeah, I know as much Mexican as old Rupert himself.”
Rupert was the ancient revolutionist who founded Annakism and colonized silvertip.
They then spent another week with tetkhu teaching Luetsun the Mexican language and Rufus reporting news. Then one day, while Luetsun was trying to correctly imitate a coyote accent, repeating, “ right, right” trying to roll his rs, they heard a coyote shout, “ norteños!”
They went outside and strutting in was a group of Stonics. The three Annakians silently followed them to the coyote high alpha and Luetsun said, “ I’ll go and confront them, あなた two watch my back.”
Rufus grabbed his shoulder and protested, “ Fonso told me to make sure あなた return ホーム alive, and I don’t think you’ll come out of that alive.”
Luetsun responded , “ fine then, we’ll watch, and if they accept, we’ll kill ‘em.”
They hid in the shadows of the coyote alphas デン and waited. The alpha and, apparently a translator, went on about allying for hours. Finally, the alpha said, “ negado” and let the group out. Apparently, the rivalry between the オオカミ and coyotes overruled the possibility of an alliance. after they left, the alpha began to look around, as if he sensed someone was watching him. He then said, “ salir, sé que estás aquí! Sé que has oído lo que íbamos hablando de!”
The trio then began to sneak out, but before they could reach the doorway, the coyote lunged toward them, blocking their escape. The alpha, teeth showing, growling, said, “ espías, ¿qué quieres oír?”
Luetsun responded, in an attempt to mimic the Mexican tongue, “ nos enteramos de lo que queríamos oír.”
The alpha then stepped aside and demanded, “ a continuación, estar fuera!”
The trio then slunk off to the spies den. When they returned to the den, they agreed that their job was done and Luetsun laid on the smoke rack, Rufus aimed at him, inhaled, turned to Luetsun’s original body and exhaled. Rufus and the spy then moved to Luetsun’s body and waited. Luetsun woke up and Rufus said, “ now that that’s done, we must get out of here, before they raise the alarm.”
The two alphas then stepped out, looked around and dashed into the shadows. Luetsun eyed tetkhu as if expecting him to come with them. Tetkhu said, “ my job here’s not done.”
With that the two alphas began sprinting through the shadows. Just as they were about to make a run for the desert, they heard some guards say, “ has oído algo?
probablemente sólo un fantasma.”
Luetsun looked and they dashed into the desert. When they left the city, they slowed into a walk. As they made their way north, they talked about the mission. “ close call there” Luetsun said, “ agreed, almost got caught” Rufus responded. When night fell, they set up a 火災, 火 and settled in. when morning came, they trampled the 火災, 火 and moved on. They continued their trek for one week. Then, when silvertip was in sight, they broke into a run. When they arrived, they made the ARROW/アロー that the spies did and the guards completed it and let them by. They then ran their paws in some dirt, regained their marks and made their way to Fonso’s outcropping. Seeing them, he said, “ please bring some good news.”
Rufus responded, “ the blood rivalry overruled the possibility of an alliance.”
Fonso said, “ good, now, do あなた know of our allies, the druid pack?”

Luetsun answered, “ I do.”
Fonso responded, “ we think they may be the targets of a siege, we need to send some イヌ to give them relief, they also need a commander…”
Luetsun asked, “ well, who will do it?”
Fonso, eyeing him, leaned close and Luetsun said, “ I think this is a bit too much too soon, we just got here and we’re tired from the trek, why should we go back to war?”

Fonso responded, “ well, let us see what Annakkuu has to say, if he agrees, then its off to druid peak for you, if he disagrees, then あなた will have a much need rest.”
He leaned back, and Luetsun made his way to the temple and 発言しました to Anna, “ I need to speak with Annakkuu.”
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Jasper Park, Canada: one of the best parks in Canada. it's a great 日 and a couple of Omega boys - Humphrey, Salty, Shakey and Mooch - are doing something they like to call "logboarding".

Humphrey: (as the boys push a log at the edge of the cliff) Bros, it's time to ride this slide and taste the wind.
Salty: Humphrey, you're totally genius! I mean, log boarding. We should've thought of this before.
Shakey: (looks at the hill, nervous) Guys, あなた sure about this?
Humphrey: Don't worry, dude. I got everything under control here.
Shakey: If あなた say so.

They all hop on the log and start pushing it even...
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The first update for my ファン Project everyone involved please watch
ファン project
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Hello everybody I am a A&O youtuber who is called Alphawolfben and am thinking of doing a A&O project but want ファン of A&O to help out with the ideas for this project.

I have experience with making films sadly only ones with pictures and text but I want people to help with the project によって giving ideas and saying what they want a movie like I do right now a story on fanfiction または if people have the time making a animated film having people who are ファン of A&O voicing the characters so if people have any ideas look me up on YouTube fanfiction または even コメント on here.

If あなた want to contact me あなた can on:

Youtube: Alphawolfben
Fanfiction: Alphawolfben
E-Mail: Ben.gadsby2@ntlworld.com
Remember Max from Alpha and Omega? Well, now you're Busted... (I know, this is me in Real Life, I am annoying I'm I?)
the pups
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This is the story of Romeo. A dude who was living the life. He had the works - the mansion to live in, the chicks to party with and the cars to be driven around in. Until one day, the ... (This is also in the RoadSide Romeo Fansite)
roadside romeo
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Wanted to get Sense I don't have you, によって 銃 And バラ as well. But had trouble finding it
That and a few other Linkin Park songs.
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Hutch, Kate, the pups, Cando, Lee, Daryl, and Humphrey are the only few surviving, but might also lose Humphrey with possibly a infected bit ankle, Hutch and the rest were walking with three different オオカミ heading to where the オオカミ came from.
Hutch was in front of the group talking to the leader または in this case the higher rank of the group, the pups were lying on Kate's back still scared and sad from what happened back at the Wall-Mart and Kate was walking right behind Hutch, the rest were talking to the other two オオカミ who was carrying Humphrey who couldn't walk from the pain from his...
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Put it on YouTube just cuz I can! :D
I really think this Husky should play Humphrey on a Alpha and Omega live action
狼, オオカミ
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Hope あなた like it I did not make anything in this video give them credit!
This is a crossover of the lion king 2 and Alpha and Omega.
lion king