"Ares! What have あなた done! あなた killed Nabara! This is not like you." 発言しました Gerig.

"What are あなた going to do? Exile me? Keep me prisoner? Kill me? Huh? There's no use. I know what i've done. I didn't know what I was doing then, I couldn't control myself. Go on, tell my my punishment is being kept a prisoner in my own camp! Go on!" Ares urged.

"Actually, Ares, your punishment is exile." 発言しました Yeris. "Let me just do it quick, while everyone is watching. "Ares the wolf, for your crimes of death, あなた shall be exiled out of this camp, and if anyone sees あなた after あなた leave in our territory, they have permission to kill または bring あなた to me. Now leave, get out!" Ordered Yeris.

Two days later...

Ares was devistated. They should have just killed him right there. Then he wouldn't have to put up with his misery. Be had just ロスト everything; his mate, his pups, his best friend. Nabara, Beke, his parents, and his pack.

"I need... my pups..." he muttered. What would they do without him? They had no parents, only other adults. They needed him. HE needed THEM.

"I know... i'll go and ask to see them! I don't care what happens to me. They need to see that i'm okay..." Ares told himself as he started walking to his camp.

As he got to the border, instantly he was surrounded によって five guards. "No... please... I don't mean trouble! I just want to see my pups! Please, i'll leave when i'm done, I promise!" He told them.

"Are あなた sure? It's not like あなた thought that when あなた killed Nabara, and knew あなた would be punished for it." 発言しました the head guard.

"No! Please! I need to see Herin and Xeses! あなた have to let me, I beg you!" Ares said.

The guard sighed. "Fine. Come."

Agter getting into the camp, everyone stopped the task and stared. "It's Ares! He just wants to die!" 発言しました one.

Ares looked down as he walked, ashamed.

"Where are my pups?" Ares asked.

"Father? Is that you?" Asked a voice from the main den. "Xeses? I'm here!" Ares yelled.

"No, father! Stay away! あなた killed Nabara? How could you? She couldn't help mother, and あなた know it! Yeris says your a murderer, and she doesn't know what happened to you! Stay away from us!" Growled Herin.

"But... i'm... your father... how could あなた just reject me like that? I came all this way to see you, just to see both my pups reject me? Oh, please don't let this happen! I have nothing left! Curse あなた all! あなた turned my pups away from me!" Ares turned on Yeris, growling.

"Woah, now. Easy, Ares. No もっと見る violence. Leave now, efore we have もっと見る trouble." Yeris ordered.

Ares got in her face. "No もっと見る violence? Who cares about violence anymore? All I wanted was a family, and あなた ストール, 盗んだ that! And i'll make あなた pay!" Ares growled, swiping at Yeris, creating a gash across her face.

"Ah! I 発言しました no more! I can help you! No もっと見る pain! If あなた refuse, concequences WILL happen." Yeris said.

"Help me? あなた can't help me. あなた are the one who took away the little family I have left!" He screamed, landing a solid uppercut-scratch to her throat. Yeris fell, either dead または unconcious.

"Father! What have あなた done?" Xeses cried.

Ares started panicking, not knowing what he had done, and looked around franticaly. "I... i'm... no... I didn't... oh no..." he panted.

"Get him! Kill him! Slit HIS throat!" Yelled a 狼, オオカミ in the crowd, as a few guards came up and pinned him down, and lifted his head up, exposing his throat. "This will be quick, traitor." 発言しました one guard.

"No! Wait! Please, I couldn't control mys-ahg!" He gurgled as the guard slit his throat, and it was all over, sending Ares into complete nothingness.

A little later...

"Aww, he's adorable!" Cried a male 狼, オオカミ with delight. "Yes, Derin, he is," 発言しました the female wolf. "What should we call him?" Asked Derin. "Let's call him... Zelian." 発言しました the female. "Sounds nice, Laria." 発言しました Derin. "Zelian. That is a nice name, Laria," 発言しました another female. "Derin, can あなた come to my den? I need to tell あなた something."

After getting to the den, the female started to sit down, and finally sat. "Sit." She ordered Derin.

"Derin, あなた know how Zelian was born a single pup, without siblings? Ever noticed how he looks so confused, and is an explorer?" Asked the female.

"What are あなた getting at, Rale?" Asked Derin.

"I'm saying YOUR pup is actually not YOURS. Let me just say, he was REBORN as your pup." 発言しました Rale. "He was the great leader, Ares, who couldn't control himself when his mate, Claudette, died. He blamed his friend and healer, Nabara, and killed her. He was exiled.... then wanted to see his pups, so he came back. Turns out, his mother, Yeris, turned his own pups against him, saying he was evil, and he killed her out of anger for it, saying he had ロスト the little family he had left. He was pinned down, and killed the same way he had killed Yeris, によって a slit throat. Zelian still has those memories, skill, emotions, and is 芝居 like he does because of all that." She panted.

"Um... I don't... know what to say. What can we do to help him? Remind him?" Asked Derin.

"Yes." 発言しました Rale.

After reminding Zelian, he started backing away, farther into the den. "You don't think I know? I'm not stupid! And I am not the 'Great Ares' anymore! I have ロスト everything I have to BE that! I should be dead! They slit my throat!" Growled Zelian.

"Zelian... no matter if あなた know how to take care of yourself, あなた are still too young to hunt, または fight. According to rule, I have to hunt and fight for you. Even for Laria." 発言しました Derin. "And who are あなた to stop me from trying? あなた aren't my real father." 発言しました Zelian.

Derin looked down. "It doesn't matter. I still have to take care of you, and protect you, even if it means placing guards at the デン entrance to keep あなた in." 発言しました Derin.

"Fine. Just don't treat me like a pup." 発言しました Zelian.

Thanks for reading! I hope あなた all enjoyed! Advice, constructive critisism, and becoming a ファン is appreciated, and helps me a lot! :)