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posted by simmy240
Hey, this story is my first here :) The characters are Humans in this. It's a Balto/ A&O crossover so characters fro Balto will be in it. The story is based mainly in America, UK and Russia. 年 2029. This story contains strong language so reader discretion is advised.
Anyway, Enjoy :D

0900 hours
May 15, 2029

Winston and Tony were walking around the Jasper Military Base, talking to each other.
"Why did America declare War on Russia anyway, so we can be even powerful?" Remarked Winston
"Sorta.... Yes" replied Tony
"I always knew あなた were a power hungry cunt! You'll do very well as General when I'm gone" Winston replied in a proud manor.
"Should we wake up the lads yet? It's 10AM." Asked Tony
"No need, Humphrey's section is already awake and repairing vehicles" 発言しました Winston, pointing out Humphrey in the crowd.
"Tony can あなた wake up Mark's Section please?" Continued Winston
"Ok" Tony then started walking towards the other dorms

"Hello squad" 発言しました Winston
"Squad rest" 発言しました Humphrey
"How are the ATV's and the AA vehicles after yesterday's test run?" Asked Winston
"Dingo, Fetch me a status レポート on the Vehicles" ordered Humphrey
"Yes sir" replied Dingo
"Oh and Dingo!" Humphrey continued
"Ask Garth to do a stock check on Ammo and weapons and then get him to レポート back to me"
"Yes sir"
Dingo walk off to get the status report
Just then 2 MIG-25 darted over the air base
"The fucking Russians" Shouted Winston
"Squad set up the SAM turrets and Anti-Air vehicles now" ordered Humphrey
The MIG's circled around then drop their payload, 2 light powered Missiles aimed for the satellites to block communications.
"Locking on..." 発言しました Garth
Kodi ran into the open door of the AA vehicle and shouted at Garth,
"Lock the fuck on faster!! We don't have much time left"
"Locked! Missiles away"
The 5 missiles hit both Jets. The flares on the satellites activated and confused the rockets mainframe. The rockets exploded 600 meters away from the satellites.
"Fuck me man! That was close" 発言しました Humphrey
"That won't be the first time this will happen" 発言しました Winston
"Humphrey, get your squad armed and ready. We are shipping out tomorrow" continued Winston

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posted by humphrey7777
Humphrey 中華鍋, 目覚め up early in the morning. "*yawns* ahh well i had a good night sleep well hope garth is there" "humphrey where are あなた going" "huh oh sweets just going to watch garth train" "ok bye " " bye babe 愛 you" "love あなた too" Humphrey got to the the training grounds. " maybe garth just late a few'' Two hours later. "where the hell is he" One 時 later. "WHERE IS HE" "THERE あなた ARE I BEEN WAITING HERE FOR THREE HOURS WHERE WERE あなた LATE why's your 毛皮 really dirty" "oh that uh i uh um i mean well ummm" "well get on with hold on is that crusted se-" "huuuu garth あなた got laid finally you...
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Dear 狼, オオカミ pack, I have enjoyed my short time here. Unfortunately, my parents have decided to send me to a boarding school halfway across the country. It is an internet-free facility, so I won't be stopping by. I will be leaving in less than 2 weeks. Its gonna suck serious @$$. あなた have been a great pack lots of fun (u listening katelover14?). あなた will all be missed greatly.

If im lucky, I will say Hi on December 20th または 21st. Thats when クリスマス break starts. I will see the new Hobbit movie, say hi, and build a shelter for the apocalypse (lol just kiddin).

Anyway, don't message me または write...
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posted by HumphryOmega
Humphrey kept driving away from which used to be his and Kate's house. "How the fuck could sh do this to me!?" Humphrey thought in his head, eyes still filled with tears. Then he remembered Lily. "How is she gonna take it? Finding out her husband was cheating on her. She has to find out eventually..." He 発言しました to himself. He pulled into Lily's drive way and got out of the car and walked pitifully to her door and knocked. Lily rushed to the door and opened it to see Humphrey in tears. She didn't say a word and took him inside and sat him on the couch. Lily sat 次 to him and 発言しました softly, "did あなた find anything out?" Humphrey looked at her and 発言しました in a apologetic tone "yes i did, and i wish i would've never seen it. He was having sex with Kate..." Lily gasped and 発言しました in a worried tone "really?" Humphrey nodded slowly and looked at her. Lily then broke into tears and cried into Humphrey's chest and he held her.
The truck driver stepped down from the idling Kenworth, and approached Kate, eyeing her up and down. He was a middle aged man, stubble faced, mustache, and shaggy, untidy black hair. He was not very tall either, shorter than Jon in fact but he seemed to have a sturdy build.
"Howdy ma'am, what can I help ya with?"
He had a very southern accent to him. Kate proceeded to explain the circumstance and if there was any way he could find it in his ハート, 心 to help them out. The man considered her proposal, and agreed to help.
"I can't unhitch my trailer though, but the added weight might be helpful in...
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Reznov dragged me into a near によって building, then i blacked out. (coming back to Vorkuta talking to Reznov)
"The men and I had fought throught the most 苦い of winters on the eastern front, but we were no strangers to the cold. Even now the blood in my veins chills when I think back to the events of that day... far, far from home...."
I awoke in a building, on a 表, テーブル where Reznov and Demetri were sitting 次 to me I said, "Reznov where are we." He stood up and walked over to the 表, テーブル I was laying on and said, "Alexi, あなた scared me I thought あなた were dead." I sat up on the 表, テーブル and said,"so...
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posted by JennyWolve
All I remember was me playingwith my twin Lilly and my other sister Kate in the デン while Mom (eve) went out to go pee. Winston was out hunting so we were all alone. We started playng Hide and go seek. I ran away to hide. I climbed up a 木, ツリー in the distance, and then I waited quitly.Then I heard pawsteps. "pst! Lilly is that you?" I leaned over to check. then suddenly "agh!!!" I fell. I dizzely looked upfrom the ground and found a human. he had a camera, and a ベレー, ベレー帽 and black sunglasses. he was towering over me and then he picked me up and carried me over his shoulder. "agh! help! Lilly! Kate! Mom! Dad!" BAMM!!! he nocked me uncoshis....

-to be continued...
Humphrey woke up. It was a fresh morning. Him and Kate were sleeping nose to nose, like they aways did. He yawned. One of Kate's eyes opened. "You're up early." she said.
"Well, I promised to go logboarding with Shakey and Mooch."
"But it's our honeymoon! And what about Saltey?"
"Saltey's... busy. And あなた can come too." He laughed. "Do あなた think i'd leave あなた alone for もっと見る than a 秒 after our wedding night?"
Kate smiled at him. "No. Of course not. But I was hoping for a quiet day. With you."
"It's okay. We'll only do one hill." He smiled back at her. "You don't have to hunt for a few weeks....
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Not the best but I like how the lyrics fit with the movie. Thanks ghghii4 for making this!
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Leader wolf:"If we let あなた and your pregnant friend in and give birth to the pups then we have to feed them too and it we will run out" Hutch:" Looks like あなた are doing fine on 食 as I see a good a hundred wolfs happy as they can be." Garth:" yeah it won't matter if nine もっと見る joins" Leader Wolf:".....*sigh* fine but for now on when those pups come they don't come out of there dens at dark unless they are getting a drink of water which is in front of the dens" 発言しました the オレンジ 毛皮 leader Winston:" sounds good" as the group went inside of the huge walled off city, the leader 狼, オオカミ gives them...
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