We left off as Kate had taken Humphrey to the training grounds to make him an alpha.

"Well Humphrey. あなた ready for the first challenge?" Says Kate. Humphrey looks around and says "Why is no one here?" Kate looks Humphrey in the eyes "Humphrey we are here alone because the training grounds aren't currently used." Says Kate.

Humphrey looks Kate back in the eyes "I guess I'm ready to learn." States Humphrey. "You better be sure." Says Kate. "I am." Says Humphrey. Kate then starts to Chase Humphrey. "Kate what are あなた doing?!" Yells Humphrey.

"Training you!" Kate yells up to Humphrey. Humphrey was running as fast as he could but Kate caught up to him and tackled him. "Ouch! That hurts!" Yells Humphrey. "Run faster." Says Kate laughing.

"I'm not able to. I was running as fast as I could." 返信 Humphrey. "Then were just going to have to make your legs stronger." Kate says as she is once again laughing. "What are あなた laughing at?" Asks Humphrey.

Kate looks at Humphrey smiles and says "Just the fact that あなた got out ran and tackled によって a girl." Humphrey starts laughing. "Well あなた are a trained alpha. I am still an omega." Says Humphrey. Kate starts laughing even more.

Humphrey then out of no where starts to chase Kate. "Humphrey what are あなた doing?!" Yells Kate. "Same thing as you!" Yells Humphrey. Humphrey starts laughing. Kate starts laughing too. Then she sees here chance to switch spots with Humphrey.

She then jumps and pushes her legs against a 木, ツリー and rebounds over Humphrey and starts chasing him. While Kate is laughing Humphrey suprisingly does the same thing. Humphrey then some how managed to catch up with Kate and tackle her.

Kate is just lying there startled after what just happened. "Hu.....Humphrey how did あなた do that?" Asks Kate still startled. "I.......I don't know." 返信 Humphrey. Then Humphrey starts laughing.

"What are あなた laughing at?" Asks Kate. "Just that I got あなた back for earlier. Humphrey 返信 as he is still laughing. Kate starts laughing with Humphrey. Then it started raining so they went to the cave made によって オオカミ for when it rained at the training ground.

Kate looks at Humphrey "Humphrey I think あなた already did the first, second, and third tests. Now there is only two left. All あなた have to do is complete a hunt and learn how to stealthily 移動する to attack at the right moment." Says Kate.

Humphrey looks at Kate "You mean I am almost ready? Asks Humphrey. "Yes." Responds Kate. "Whoohoo!!!" Yells Humphrey. Then Kate starts laughing. Humphrey gives Kate a smile. Then he lays down and goes to sleep.

Kate walks over to Humphrey and rubs her nose against his. "Good night Humphrey." Says Kate. Kate then lays down and brushes up against Humphrey and closes her eyes and smiles.