it was a lovely morning humphrey woke up. "(YAWNS) morning kate" humphrey said."morning" kate said. "howed did あなた sleep?" humphrey said. "pretty good." kate said. "you up to go on a road trip." humphrey said. "HUMPHREY i'm tired." kate said. "OH COME ON GET YOUR LAZY BUTT UP あなた BEEN SLEEPING FOR LIKE 8 HOURS." humphrey said. "HEY...i am not lazy あなた dunghole." kate said. "who あなた calling a dunghole?" humphrey said. "HEY GUYS GET UP ITS TIME FOR ROAD TRIP." winston yelled. humphrey and kate got out of thier den. "ok i'm gonna check for the people that are going to the roadtrip." winston said. the people that are going to the roadtrip is:
1. kate
2. humphrey
3. garth
4. lilly
5. salty
6. shakey
7. mooch
8. paddy and marcel
9. winston
10. eve

"ok i checked everybody あなた all ready to go on the best roadtrip ever?!?!" winston said. "YEAH!?!?!?!?!?" everybody screamed. "now lets go... tony your in charge." winston said. everybody seted off. then its been a 日 since we traveled.

8:00 p.m.
while they were set off for camp they went to sleep. salty got up to get some water. then he walked so tired he raned into a human. "what the..." salty said. the human had a very strange face. "uhh i was just walking away...ha ha ha" salty said. then the human got out an AX."WHAT THE F@#$---" salty died. choped his head off. took his head.
to be continued.
(sorry not enogh time)