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 Kendall Hart played によって Alicia Minshew
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This All My Children 写真 contains 肖像画, ヘッドショット, クローズアップ, ポートレート, ヘッド ショット, and クローズ アップ. There might also be 魅力, 辛, 暑さ, 辛さ, 皮膚, skintone, ヌード着色された, 部分的な裸, 暗黙のヌード, スキントン, ヌード色, 部分裸, 暗示ヌード, スキントーン, 裸色, and 暗黙ヌード.

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Monday March 28:

Jake and Tad throw a party for Angie.

Randi and Frankie make 愛 in the elevator.

Kendall plies Griffin with wine.

Angie admits she's scared.

Jake makes Amanda a promise.

Cara defends her brother to Ricky.

Tuesday March 29:

JR promises AJ that they will be a family again.

Angie feels a contraction.

Caleb admits his feelings to Erica.

Wednesday March 30:

Caleb learns from Erica’s maid that she has gone off to get married.

Jesse delivers his baby.

JR, AJ and Marissa reconnect.

Thursday March 31:

Brot and Jesse lie to Angie about her baby.

Amanda assures Jake and Cara she is unaffected...
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Monday March 1:

Ryan convinces Erica to team up with him to destroy David.

Jake fears Greenlee’s going to discover Gayle.

Annie learns whether または not she’s a match for JR.

Tuesday March 2:

Angie stands up to David.

Tad offers Damon a lifeline.

Greenlee goes toe-to-toe with Erica.

Wednesday March 3:

Annie faces a difficult decision.

Ryan toys with David.

Gayle finds a friend in Amanda.

Thursday March 4:

Annie manipulates the situation to her advantage.

Dixie’s spirit reaches out to JR.

Ryan puts his plan in motion.

Friday March 5:

David can’t believe Erica sold him out.

Greenlee lashes out at Ryan.

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