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 Kendall Hart played によって Alicia Minshew
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This All My Children 写真 contains 肖像画, ヘッドショット, クローズアップ, ポートレート, ヘッド ショット, and クローズ アップ. There might also be 魅力, 辛, 暑さ, 辛さ, 皮膚, skintone, ヌード着色された, 部分的な裸, 暗黙のヌード, スキントン, ヌード色, 部分裸, 暗示ヌード, スキントーン, 裸色, and 暗黙ヌード.

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This is an All My Children and House crossover ファン fiction I do not own All My Children it belongs to ABC and House belongs to FOX. Also AMC ファン in this story David does not know about his child with Amanda. House ファン Cuddy is not with Lucas and doesn’t have Rachel. Sorry if this disappoints anyone I hope あなた will still read and enjoy the story. Reviews are love. Enjoy!

All My Doctors

Chapter 1: New Head of Cardiology

Dr. Lisa Cuddy sat in her office at eight o’clock Monday morning quietly reviewing over some notes and other paperwork. She was very anxious about seeing her newest employee...
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Monday January 3:

Erica reflects on the 年 2010.

Kendall becomes dangerously unwell.

Erica makes a confession to Caleb.

Tuesday January 4:

Caleb and JR share a rare moment.

Madison changes her mind about Greenlee’s offer.

JR assures Annie that as soon as it’s possible they will go public with their relationship.

Wednesday January 5:

Kendall and Griffin grow closer.

Greenlee continues to worry about Madison.

Ryan tells JR he better treat Annie right.

Thursday January 6:

Kendall continues to feel threatened によって David.

Damon tries to mend Colby’s strained relationship with her mother.

Marissa warns...
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Monday February 8:

Erica gets a surprise visitor.

David turns the tables on Ryan.

Greenlee wants to break Ryan’s ハート, 心 the same way he broke hers.

Tuesday February 9:

Erica takes advantage of Opal’s psychic powers.

Erica decides to break things off with Ryan.

Ryan’s surprised によって Erica’s change of heart.

Wednesday February 10:

Jack can’t believe that Greenlee’s alive.

David pushes Ryan’s buttons.

Colby gets the goods on Annie.

Thursday February 11:

David assures Greenlee that Ryan will play right into their hands.

Jesse suspects David’s bride to be could also be his partner in crime.

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