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posted by izzydizzy88
Wow! Alison was amazing in ANTM. I think she stood out from the rest of the girls. I 愛 her hair! Allison's pictures were like emense and her artwork was so good. I wish I could draw like that. I think we can all agree that Allison is an amazing woman, but is still relateable. I think she was really good in the go-sees, she was so personal and relateable, it wasn't like she was a robot that walked and left. She was nice, and the only person in the house that wasn't mean to everyone. I don't remeber Allison getting in one fight, cause she was fiendly, I think that's the best attitude when あなた have to live with 12 girls あなた have never met before. Well Done Allison!!! :D

Izzy Stuart xxx
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