Alice in Wonderland started off as Lewis Carroll's book franchise. Years later Alice in Wonderland films came out. This 一覧 is about my お気に入り film versions of my お気に入り book.

5. Alice in Wonderland (1999)

This is a テレビ film. The film lacks a real plot and it's too long, but the casting saves the film. The cast has Gene Wilder, Christopher Lloyd, and Martin Short. Martin played the Hatter which was great casting. Martin was great enough to get this film to be worth watching.

4. The Care Bears in Wonderland

I'm not a Care Bears ファン so me thinking this film is good seems odd, but please let me explain. This film has Colin 狐, フォックス as the villain. Colin plays the villain in Atomic Betty so this film is basically a Wonderland/Betty film. It's a fanboy dream made into a film. A fanboy dream that nobody else would care about. I wouldn't call this a fantastic film, but it's really cool for me.

3. Alice in the Country of Hearts

This is a アニメ film. Considering that it combines 2 things I 愛 (anime and Wonderland) I really like this film. It's the weirdest film I've ever watched. The White Rabbit has a crush on Alice, the Hatter and the クイーン are siblings, and the Cheshire Cat is a human! This film is so weird that it's a interesting experience. Also the アニメーション is really cool looking.

2. 2010 Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland film. The film has the awesome Johnny Depp being as fun as humanly possible as Tarrant Hightopp. Despite a eh plot the film is lots of weird fun with great 芝居 and awesome visuals.

1. Alice Through the Looking Glass

The 2016 Alice in Wonderland film. I really like it for the same reasons as the 2010 film, but this film benefits from having a better plot. The film is a cute friendship film between Alice and Tarrant.