Our Story

Hello people. I'm producing a new film based on Lewis Carroll's story that all あなた ought to know, Alice in Wonderland. The movie will be filmed with real actors and will have some FX, but the scenario is very different from the original story, but keep the essence of the characters in the movie. This time Alice will travel inside a big city.

We count on your support to carry this story, which will take place this year. The story and script are defined, and we're still in pre-production process.

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The Story

It's 2012, and Alice heard her grandmother's stories of the countryside, cats, rabbits and caterpillars and the terrible クイーン of Hearts. But Alice has never seen a rabbit hopping through the grass, または a 毛虫, キャタピラー become a butterfly. The young Alice lives in a big and sad city of the 21st century, but wants to discover the Wonderland of his grandmother Alice. Soon she discovers that this ファンタジー world is also around with her, in this ordinary city.

What We Need & What あなた Get

Whe try to make a full movie of 90 min and hope make もっと見る promotion of the movie. Each perk has a very special gift. With this money, we'll try to get the best actors and soundtrack. Also the movie will be filmed in HD definition.

With each type of donation あなた get a nice gift!

$5 White Rabbit - Watch this!
Always in a hurry, so あなた could watch all the movie online! :)

$25 Mad Hatter - Original cap!
あなた will receive an original キャップ of the movie + a HD copy of the movie to download.

$50 Cheshire Cat - T-shirt!
Receive an original t-shirt of Cheshire Cat + a HD copy of the movie to download. :D

$250 クイーン of Hearts - Cards!
Receive all of the above + an original deck of cards with illustrations from the concept artists of the movie. Also あなた will be credited as Executive Producer.

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Other Ways あなた Can Help

Please, share on facebook, twitter, フォーラム and フレンズ of Alice and don't forget that each perk has a nice gift for you!