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I decided to create this Alexis モーガン, モルガン Club because i am her fan.
Her 本 are filled with action good humour and romance. A combo that is so missing from the real life. The ヒーローズ are unquestionably alpha males, with strong morals, honour code and unbelievably hot looks. What could a girl wish for?
Yes, these are not the most intellectually challenging books, but i don't care, sometimes i just want to sit down with a good read that doesn't make me think hard because i am simply tired of my lives complications. This 本 are my guilty pleasure.
I think the best way to call them would be "Fairy tales for adults", whenever あなた want to escape to another world and relax knowing that good concurs evil and 愛 wins all - あなた go ahead and read these books. Not to mention if あなた want hot 愛 scenes....
i advise あなた to start with the Paladin series, moving on to Talions and then the rest.
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learn a little about the world of Paladins
this is a review of Larem's book, book7 of the Paladin series
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