Itachi Turned On The T.v. It Turned On To A Cooking 表示する And How To Make Sushi. Since He Was Too Lazy To Look For The Remote , He Was Forced To Go Through An Our Of Torture.

"And Now For The Fish" The Chef 発言しました , For A もっと見る Rare Dish あなた Could Use 鮫, サメ Meat Instead. Itachi Immediently Sat Up And Started Paid Attention To The Ingredients To Make Sushi


Kisame Was Cleaning His Pet 魚 Tank When A Black , Cloth Bag Was Placed Over His Head


Itachi,Itachi,Itachi,Itachi,Itachi , A Whiny Voice 発言しました , "What Are あなた Doing ?"

"Shut Up Tobi!" Itachi Screamed "For The Last Time I'm Making Sushi"

"Why Is The Sushi Blue?"

"Get OUT!" Tobi Was Rudely Kicked And Landed On An 暁(NARUTO) Robe. "Hey, This Is Kisame's Robe. I Wonder What Happened?" Tobi Ran Around The Headquarters Until He Bumped In To Deidara.

" こんにちは Deidara Senpai! Do あなた Have A Lolly For Me?"

"No! , Do I Look Like I'm Carrying Candy, Un!" Deidara Was Going To Suffocate Tobi Until They Were Interupted によって Sasori.

"Itachi Made Sushi And He Wants Us To Try It." Sasori Mumbled
"In That Case" Deidara Yanked Tobi によって The Collar, "Tobi Is Going To Eat It First To Check For 食 Poisoning."


"Tobi , Do あなた Know What 食 Poisoning Is"? Sasori Asked

"Nope, Is It A Good Thing?"

Both Of The Older Alatsuki Members Groaned. They Walked In To Find Itachi Holding A Bloody ナイフ And A Plate Of Blue Sushi

"Oooo, I Want Sushi!" 発言しました Idiotic But Sweet Tobi
"Why Is The Sushi Blue?" Sasori Pondered

"Hey Where's Kisame?" Asked Deidara


Tobi Was The One Who Ate And Immdiently Throwed Up. Out Came Chopped Pieces Of Kisame

"Not Again" Sasori Groaned, This Is The Fifth Time I Have To Stich Kisame Back Together."

~Hope あなた Like It :D~