Pain stood at a podium and said, “My fellow Akatsuki, we are here to honor the loss of our comrade Sasori.”

Pain looked at the side of the room and saw that Kisame was getting 食 served to him from a buffet によって Zetsu and Konan.

“Hey we aren’t supposed to start eating until the service is over,” Pain complained.

“Well あなた are kind of losing the crowd sir,” Zetsu said, “Maybe try to liven it up a bit.”

“It’s a funeral,” Pain said, “If things were alive we wouldn’t be here in the first place.”

Pain looked out at the crowd to see Hidan snoring with a small stream of drool going down his cheek. Kakuzu was sitting 次 to him counting money in his hand. Kisame sat back down 次 to Itachi and began eating as he handed Itachi his dango. Tobi was wailing while holding a box of tissues with Deidara inching away from him.

“Now Deidara will deliver a eulogy for Sasori,” Pain 発言しました as he waved Deidara up.

Deidara’s eyes went wide. “You didn’t say anything about 書く a eulogy un,” Deidara said.

“You were his partner,” Pain replied, “Who did あなた think would give the eulogy?”

“I figured since あなた like to hear yourself talk so much あなた would do it un,” 発言しました Deidara.

Before Pain could respond Tobi raised his hand. “Tobi wants to say something about Sasori-Sempai,” Tobi 発言しました tearfully.

Pain looked surprised. “I guess it couldn’t hurt anything,” Pain 発言しました as Tobi walked up to the podium with tissues in hand.

Tobi looked out at the crowd and said, “Even though Tobi never got to meet Sasori-Sempai, without him Tobi would never have met his bestest friend in the whole wide world, Deidara-Sempai.”

Deidara hid his face within his マント, 隠す as the other members snickered at him.

Tobi continued, “Tobi knows Sasori-Sempai would be his bestest friend too. Maybe in 暁(NARUTO) heaven we can be bestest フレンズ together.”

Tobi suddenly burst into tears and shouted, “Come back to us!” Tobi then jumps into the casket and hugs Sasori’s puppet body stunning everyone. Pain pried Tobi off of Sasori and put him back in his seat.

“Okay then,” Pain said, “Anyone else have something to say?”

As no one 発言しました anything, Pain pulled Kakuzu up to the podium with his Bansho Tensei. Pain asked, “Why don’t あなた say something Kakuzu?”

Kakuzu put his money in his pocket and stood up. “Well I didn’t really no Sasori either, but I made a ton of cash selling his puppets to Sunagakure,” Kakuzu 発言しました as he looked at Sasori’s body, “So thanks for the free merchandise.”

Pain rubbed the side of his temple. “Hidan,” he said, “You’re a priest. Can あなた say some spiritual mumbo jumbo?”

Hidan stood up and took Kakuzu’s place on the podium. “I shall open with a Jashinist Prayer,” Hidan said, “******* ****** ******* ***** ********.”

Everyone’s mouth hung open in shock. Pain raised his hand and said, “Shinra Tensei,” launching Hidan out of the cave.

Tobi looked at Deidara and asked, “What do those words mean Sempai?”

Deidara said, “We will tell あなた when you’re older Tobi un.”

Konan walked up to the podium and placed a bouquet of paper お花 in the casket and asked, “Where did his body go?”

Everyone looked at Kakuzu.

“What?” he asked.

“You’re not selling that one Kakuzu,” Pain said, “Put it back.”

Kakuzu muttered under his breath as he set it back in the casket.

Pain got back to the podium and said, “I think I’ll just read Sasori’s last will and testament to close out the ceremony.”

Pain began to read the paper, “I, Sasori of the red sand, wish to make this final statement to あなた my fellow 暁(NARUTO) members. To Deidara I wish to say, get a haircut because あなた look like a girl. Also get help あなた pyromaniac. To Kakuzu I wish to say, if あなた sell my puppets I will haunt あなた forever. To Hidan I wish to say, shut up. To Konan I wish to say, origami is not a real art form. To Pain I wish to say, the piercings don’t make あなた look tough. They just make あなた look もっと見る エモ than Itachi. To Kisame I wish to say, あなた need to do something about your blue skin. Try moisturizer. To Zetsu, be grateful I mentioned あなた at all.”

Everyone looked annoyed as Pain finished 読書 the will. Deidara asked, “Can I blow him up now un?”

Pain threw the paper out and said, “Have at it. From now on when a member dies we just have a moment of silence.”