James Brennan: Satin lives.

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Mike Connell: Hey, James... あなた still have anymore of those baby joints?

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Joel: [after getting hit in the head with a corn-dog] That was a whole corndog!

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Tommy Frigo: James, don't get all drunk and fall asleep または anything.
James Brennan: Why not?
Tommy Frigo: Because I'll jack off on your face.

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James Brennan: Yeah, Frigo was my best friend. Then, I turned four.

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Em Lewin: [to James, after he has been punched in the balls によって Frigo] What the hell was that?
James Brennan: It's just my life.

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Eric: Fuck this weed is good.

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Joel: [playing arcade game] Two options: I can play it safe, pick them off from back here, または I can rush into the breach 銃 a blazing, make a run to the cortex and... bombs away!
[sound of beating a level]
Joel: "Audentes Fortunas Juvat", Fortune Favors the Bold. Virgil 発言しました that.
Em Lewin: I'm sure Virgil had Bionic Mutant in mind.

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Em Lewin: [after her stepmom tells her to apologize to her] I don't owe あなた shit

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Joel: What's the point of being a writer または an artist anyway? Herman Melville wrote fuckin' Moby Dick, he was so poor and forgot によって the time he died that in his obituary they called him Henry Melville. あなた know, like why bother? They're just going to forget our fuckin' names anyway. I heard Em went back to New York.
James Brennan: I wish it didn't end like that, I should've - I don't know.
James Brennan: Your Herman Melville story that - that's bullshit.
Joel: It's true, they called him Henry.
James Brennan: No, I mean, he wrote a seven-hundred page allegorical novel about the whaling industry. I think he was a pretty passionate guy, Joel. I hope they call me Henry when I die, too.
Joel: One can only hope

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James Brennan: [Falco's Rock Me Amadeus song is played once again at the amusement park] ジーザス Fucking Christ! They play this song like 20 times a day!
Joel: Fucking sadists. Fucking sadists!

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[last lines]
James Brennan: Are we doing this?
Em Lewin: Yeah, I think we are.

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Guest: I 愛 what you've done with the house.
Francy: Thank you.
Mr. Lewin: It's clean.
Em Lewin: I thought the house was a lot nicer the way my mum used to have it, it's pretty barfirific if あなた ask me.
Francy: Is that some kind of joke Emily?
Em Lewin: No, it's not.
Francy: I think あなた own me an apology right now.
Em Lewin: I don't owe あなた shit.

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James Brennan: I think somebody was trying to write "Satan Lives" on that ウォール but they spelled it "Satin Lives".
Em Lewin: One of those textile worshiping cults no doubt.

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Joel: We pay little Malaysian kids 10 cents a 日 to make these toys, we can't just *give* them away.

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Joel: [looking at 魚 bowls] A little もっと見る than 40% of these 魚 are dead.

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Sue O'Malley: What are あなた majoring in?
Joel: Russian literature and Slavic languages.
Sue O'Malley: Oh wow, that's pretty interesting. What career track is that?
Joel: Cabby, hot dog vendor, マリファナ delivery guy. The world is my oyster.

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Sue O'Malley: [drunk, helped to her feet によって Joel] You're so strong-ish.
Joel: I'll take that.

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Em Lewin: [yelling at Sue] あなた know あなた don't deserve to 日付 Joel. You're an anti-Semitic asshole, what do あなた like hate gay people too? Do あなた support apartheid?

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Park customer: [throws ball at dummy's hat, nothing happens] I hit that thing dead on!
Joel: Yet he still retains his chapeau.

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Em Lewin: [to James] Can あなた stop saying "intercourse"?

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Bobby: Brennan, あなた been toking up?
James Brennan: What?
Bobby: あなた been drinking drugs?
James Brennan: [nervously] No.
Paulette: Your eyes are red. Have あなた been crying?
James Brennan: Yea, maybe like a little bit.

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Sue O'Malley: [turning down a 日付 from Joel] He told my parents. We're Catholic. He told my parents that you're Jewish.
Joel: Oh, but I'm an atheist, maybe もっと見る of a pragmatic nihilist I guess または an existential pagan if あなた will...
Sue O'Malley: Yeah, yeah um, but my parents are really strict. Sorry.

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Bobby: Hey, litterbug! In the clown mouth!

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James Brennan: I am amazed at how tiny my paycheck is.
Joel: We are doing the work of lazy, pathetic morons.

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James Brennan: My theory is あなた can't just avoid everybody あなた screw up with. あなた can trust me on that because I'm a New Yorker.