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posted by WestwoodOmega
This is A Regular Fourm RP. If あなた Don't Know How, あなた type what your spartan says in the fourm box. Actions Will Be Shown によって The * Symbol. (Ex. *Picks Up DMR*) And What あなた (NOT YOUR SPARTAN) Says will be Shown With The () Symbols. Ex. (Hey Whats Up Bob?)

1. Make Your Own Spartan. This Is Your Story. So Please Make Your Own Spartan.(Including Name, UNSC Id, Armor, Etc.)

2. Respect Others. This is how あなた make フレンズ incase あなた didn't know...

3. PG-13 PLZ!!! In The Main World Fourms あなた Can Do All the Lovey Dovey Stuff just Don't Let it Get Out Of Hand. Meaning No Sex. If あなた want That Make your...
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