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こんにちは Im Punky Nice To Meet You.
I Live In J-Town Ohio. It Pretty Much Sucks Here.
Im 17 Yrs Old. Im HomeSchooled.Im Almost Always Doing Sumthin Stupid & ランダム To Gain Attention Of Others.I Can Not Go A 日 Without 音楽 Its What Keeps Me Going In Life Some Of My Fave Bands Are(Motly Crue, Misfits, Ramones).I Have The Most Amazing Family Who Are Alwyas There When I Need Them To Be. I LOve To Take Pictures I Guess Im What They Call A Camera Whore..lol. Im Not Shy And I Think Very Highly Of Myself Unlike Most Girls Im Happy With Who I Am And I Wouldnt Change Myself For Anything.Not Even A Boy....
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こんにちは Boys And Girls Im PunkyMonkey.
And All 10 Of あなた Will Be Compeiting For A Shot
At 愛 With Me.As Soon As I Get All The Contestants
Ill Post The First Challang.Alot Of The Comunicating
And The Ellimations Will Be Done On Aim So If あなた
Wanna Play And あなた Dont Have On あなた Should Probally Make One.Ill Be Sceduling Dates または Alone Time With One Boy And One Girl Each Day.Every Sunday 1 Boy And
1 Girl Will Be Elliminated. On Saturday Ill Post A Fourm Topic Telling Each Of あなた What I Thought About あなた During Our Alone Time Each Week.Also If U Wanna Play. あなた Need To Message Me So That I Can Add You...
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